Our Design & Renovation Services

Want to make your home more comfortable and welcoming? 

Have a space you walk by and ignore because you don’t like it?  

Or just need some special finishing touches?

Home, Heart & Soul combines 40 years of design experience with quality products and licensed contractors so we can easily update your home's look (and feel). 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure where to start. We ask all the right questions to guide you toward a design that’s aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional, and within your budget!

Photo showcasing a completed living room design project by Lori Savio
Photo showcasing a completed kitchen remodeling project by Lori Savio
Photo showcasing a completed dining room design project by Lori Savio
Photo showcasing a completed dining room design project by Lori Savio
Photo showcasing a completed kitchen and dining area design project by Lori Savio
Photo showcasing a completed seating area design project by Lori Savio
Photo of Lori Savio in her design center boutique holding an open catalogue

Loving Your Home Starts With A Call

Whether you have a big or small project in mind, let’s get to know each other with a no-strings-attached complimentary introduction call or design center appointment. We’ll discuss the spaces you want to work on, your lifestyle, design goals, and budget. You can ask me any questions, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Request Your Call or Appointment

What To Expect When You Choose Home, Heart & Soul to Coordinate Your Design Project

  • A friendly, experienced designer with an intuitive knack for understanding your style from the first time you meet
  • A customized design plan that’s budget conscious 
  • An extensive selection of high-quality fabrics, furniture, window treatments, wallpaper, artwork, and accessories
  • Organized project management from start to finish 
  • Licensed, insured contractors who get the job done right with minimal interruptions to your peace and privacy

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Design & Renovation Process

Design consultation area of Home, Heart & Soul with designer fabric swatches

Design Consultation

Your Design Consultation includes an introductory call or appointment at our boutique design center. We’ll discuss ways to make your space more functional and comfortable—things like updating colors, furnishings, fabrics, window treatments, and more. If renovations are needed, we’ll also visit your home to take measurements.

Staircase and office of a Home, Heart & Soul interior design client's home

Design Plan Phase

During the Design Plan Phase, I create a design perspective with specific color schemes, furnishing and accessory suggestions, floor plans, and working drawings. I’ll outline the design & renovation process, costs, and timeline so we can agree on everything before work begins. Your peace and privacy matter to us, and organized planning helps minimize renovation disruptions.   

Lori Savio, Interior Designer, looking at and holding custom curtains

Selection Phase

This fun phase is when we choose (and order) specific accessories and pieces to bring your vision together. The details become an intentional expression of your style and tell your unique story. It’s what I do best and my favorite part of every project! A 50% deposit is required to begin the selection process.

Photo showcasing a completed kitchen design project by Lori Savio

The Work Phase

The Work Phase, or Project Execution, is when we do the work in your space. It might include moving furniture, placing accessories, or hanging art. If your project involves renovations, we handle the details with licensed and insured contractors. That way, you don’t have to get involved. We’ll also stop by periodically to ensure the work is done right and follows our plan. 

Two happy Home, Heart & Soul clients seeing their completed interior design project for the first time

Project Completion Meeting

Once we complete the work, you’ll have a space you love that feels like your own! We’ll meet to discuss any final details and talk about ways to maintain the design (and function) for you and or your family.

Home, Heart & Soul dining room design project
Home, Heart & Soul - master bedroom design project
Home, Heart & Soul bathroom remodeling project
Home, Heart & Soul dining room design project
Home, Heart & Soul design project - upholstered chair
Home, Heart & Soul bedroom design project