Wants & Whims for 2024

Wants & Whims for 2024

Design experts share their take on this year’s trends.

There is a wealth of interior design talent in the Lake Norman area, and while each of them is a creative individual in their own right, with differing approaches to color, form, texture and client relationships, there are a few common threads that appear to be weaving through the figurative fabric of their projects for the coming year.

Almost to a person, they will tell you to watch for a continuing shift toward warmer tones, particularly in kitchen cabinetry, floors, countertops, and tile. The stark white kitchens and “farmhouse” black and white themes with which we’ve all become familiar will likely endure in some form or fashion, but designers say they increasingly see a shirt toward natural or medium-toned stains, even adding that cream is essentially now the new white.

But don’t worry, the new or remodeling interiors of 2024 won’t entirely be an homage to earthy, taupe-heavy color palettes. There is a refreshing penchant for patterns in wallpaper, draperies and tile work, with greens and blues making a strong showing. And folks are also beginning to accept their ceilings as a perfect design space, using everything from wallpaper to wood paneling to provide texture, depth and interest.

We’ve collected some design tips and trends to watch for this year from some of the best interior designers in our region — there is definitely something for everyone’s wants and whims looking to breathe new life into their home in the coming year.

The trend toward approachable and functional personalized living spaces will continue into 2024, that will include unexpected details such as added wood, color on the ceiling and patterned wallpapers. 

I will be applying lots of texture and natural elements that keep things more organic. I'm definitely seeing the trend toward warmer wood tones to add depth to the design, as well as more vibrant colors that bring in my client's true personality and style.

— Lori Savio / Home, Heart & Soul

Read the entire Lake Norman Currents article written by Lori Helms and published February 2024. 

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