Image of the cover of the April 2024 edition of Lake Norman Currents Magazine and Create Your Space: Sanctuary Aesthetic article with photos of Lori Savio, two bedroom designs, and two living room designs

Create Your Space: Sanctuary Aesthetic

Often, we find ourselves merely existing at home. My goal with each Home, Heart & Soul client is to transform that existence into an experience. As you navigate the demands of daily life, your home should be your sanctuary—a space that empowers you to make the best of every day. I consider everything you need and want to design comfortable, functional rooms that reflect your unique personality. Together, we create a haven where you can land softly, recharge, reflect, and emerge rejuvenated.

In my approach, your main living space and personal bedroom take center stage. These rooms deserve the utmost attention, as they lay the foundation for your daily rhythm. I love incorporating your cherished pieces—a favorite chair, a unique chest, or a special table. Breathing new life into these items becomes a canvas for expressing your personality and style.

The magic unfolds as we introduce new furnishings, inviting area rugs, captivating art, and wall decor accents. Thoughtful lighting and curated accessories complete the ensemble, adding depth and setting a mood tailored to your unique needs. These elements are more than decorations. They create an ambiance that aligns with your desires and aspirations.

Imagine returning home to a living space that seamlessly merges functionality with aesthetics—a space that mirrors your essence and welcomes you with open arms. Every corner tells a story, and each piece serves a purpose. With intention and creativity, we can turn your home into a sanctuary that exceeds your expectations, making every day a celebration of comfort and joy. Your Home, Heart & Soul transformation begins with a complimentary discovery call. Email or call 704-458-6464.

— Lori Savio / Home, Heart & Soul


Read the original Lake Norman Currents article published April 2024 (click to page 42-43).

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