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    Home Heart & Soul has combined years of design experience with a large variety of quality products to assist in completing any home.

    We can be hired by the hour. During a one or two hour consultation we will work to develop an understanding of your expectations, and to create a concept that fits with your lifestyle and taste. If you’re not sure how to get started, we know how to ask the right questions to help guide you toward a design that is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, functional, and within your budget. Whether it’s a new home or an existing home we can help you turn your visions into reality.

    Each consultation may include the following:

    Recommendations for furniture arrangement or rearrangement.

    Discussion of colors, finishes, fabrics & furniture.

    Flooring & window treatment options.

    Refinishing and recovering of existing furniture and repurposing it.

    Discussion of accessories and artwork to complete your space.

    The time for a design consultation is time well spent! What can we achieve for you?